My rant



Why?  Why can’t people do what you tell them to do?  They get paid to do it.  What is the problem?  I am ready to burst.  I have been working twelve hour days to catch up and meet unfair deadlines, and still manage to blog in-between it all.  I can multi-task! I get my work done, no matter what faffing around I have been doing.


The office we work at don’t police your work.  You get your work and you do it when and how you would like.  They expect your deadlines to be met  and also you should not piss-off the client.  That’s all they ask. My techie type is just downright lazy.  She needs to do the tasks I give out, because its part of my job requirements that I supervise tasks and I take care of my own projects.  I get a techie type because I need one.  I can’t do it all myself.  The techies job requirement is that what I say gets done when I need it. I have deadlines, which implies techie has deadlines.  I do not dish out work that I will not do myself too.  I am available all the time if you have questions.  I explain what needs to be done.  I give references to where examples may be. If you are confused, say so! Don’t just sit there doing the wrong thing. When I give instructions, get a pad and pen and write, don’t just sit there! When I ask if you are ok, know what to do, do not answer yes when you do not have a clue! Do not hand in sub-grade work hours before I need to collate it.


What am I doing wrong?  When I give out work I give choices.  I ask if its doable by the deadline.  I don’t just assume you can do it.  At this rate I will never be a director of anything.  I cannot direct one, one! techie.  Lazy sod.  Takes techie two weeks to do what I can do in an hour.  And this is not new to techie. And Techie has more work experience than I.  I’m not superwoman.  I try to give work techie has experience with so its easier. What is wrong with me!!!!!!!????????????


Now that is out of the way maybe I can think and just do  it all myself.  I will not turn up tomorrow at that meeting without a good standard of work, even if I stay here all night.  I will not let it be said that I let the company down.


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