Power of a woman


He is a stranger.  This is not something I normally do, but to hell with the good girl image.  No one is ever going to know.  I drive up to the gate and he is waiting for me.  My tummy lurches and the excitement is almost like a smell surrounding me.

“Hello” he says, ” Glad you are here.”

“Hello and thanks for the invite” I reply.

In I go …..he has coffee waiting for me, coffee exactly the way I like it.  He has been busy at the PC in his room and he invites me in while he quickly finishes.  It’s cold and I sit on the edge of my chair as we chat.

“Where is your aunt?” I ask.  They are supposed to be here.  That’s why I agreed to visit him at home. I thought there would be other people around too.  “They are away for the weekend.  I have the place to myself” he says. ” Are you afraid?  I promise I will be a gentleman.” I think to myself that I should stop being a wuss.  Its only coffee and he looks nice enough.  “I’m just curious”  I say.  Thoughts are flying through my head.  He smells so male.  His nearness is so warm and open. 

I am getting colder and I can’t help the shivers. 

“Come” he says to me, “I can see you are cold.  Here you sit on the bed with the blanket” So I take up the offer.  We sit on the bed and slowly his arm comes up around me. “You don;t mind if I hold you?” he asks. My head is in a whirl.  This is not what I planned.   It was just supposed to be a friendly visit.  We sit for a while watching TV and then he starts kissing my ear. I think to myself that it is time to leave.  This is not right.  But then the other voice tells me that the good girl image has got to go.  Good girls would leave.  The new adventurous me will stay and have some fun.

I turn my head toward him and he begins to kiss me.  Long deep sexy kisses that take all reason from me. Next thing I know I am lying on the bed and he in on me.  He is so much bigger than I am.  He is so male.  So enticing.  So delicious.  I can feel his hardness against me.  I am surprised.  I can do this to a man.  He kisses my neck and I find that I love it.  I want to feel his body and start fumbling at his buttons.  He moves away from me and removes the shirt.  Then he is under me and I am kissing his chest.  Kissing him and hearing his sounds of pleasure egg me on.  I decide to explore the hardness I have felt and move my hand down.  He is obviously enjoying this and I want to explore this new power I have discovered within me, this power that a woman has to make a man want her so.  It’s exciting.  It’s unreasonable. It’s crazy.

His hands move up and slip under my shirt.  I want him to touch my breasts.  I want to feel his touch.  But I am afraid.  Control is shifting.  Fear. He flips me over, and starts to push up my shirt.  I start to struggle.  I realize I don’t want this.

“What’s the matter?” he says, continuing to force up my shirt.

“No stop. Please I don’t……….I…Please…”

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