Sexy high heels



Oh my word! My feet are sore.  Yesterday morning I decided I wanted to wear heels.  I always look at other women in heels and think they look so sexy.  I want that too, but I never wear them because:


1) I’m not totally sure of the correct way to walk, I don’t want to be clomping everywhere like some kind of mammoth out the ages.

2) I don’t want to fall flat on my face and just when I want to impress

3) I’m a scruff that chooses comfort over fashion.


Yesterday I thought to myself that I want to look sexy in some heels and I will never learn to walk in them if I don’t practice.  So yesterday I had on these great looking heeled boots (thought the boots would be easier to walk in).  I cannot walk another step.  Its painful.  I’m afraid of stepping onto any perforated drains, my heel might go through.  I’m afraid of being too noisy when I walk. I’m a fashion victim! I could catch my heel on the carpet and then I’ll be kissing the floor.  And then my belt snapped and I’m afraid I’ll catch the heel on the bottom of my sagging pants (when did the waist get too large?).  I also find that to drive safely I have to remove the boots.  You know that movie scene:  The car door opens and then you a sexy leg in a sexy high heeled shoe.  Now if I am barefoot and then trying to pull on the boot there is nothing sexy there. But I guess I should live it, this is not a movie its real life. 


How do those other women do it.  They walk normally and fast and without looking at the floor.  I mean, they even wear heeled sandals, now that is talent!  I normally wear flat shoes.  It is comfortable and reliable.  But I don’t want to be a granny.  It’s like wearing granny undies!  No way.  However, some grannies are better then I am at these heels.  I walk past shoes in the window and I think to myself, I wish I had the talent to walk in those.  Lol, now I slightly regret my tomboy ways.  When I think high heels I think of the movie ” Single White Female”.  In the end she kills her stalker with a heel through the eye.  So its good.  One always has a weapon handy : ) 


 I work in a profession were heels are not always appropriate.  It does not always work.  But there are office days and you want to look good.  You want to go out to dinner and look good.  Just for yourself.  Its like wearing sexy underwear.  No one can see it under your clothes but it makes you feel good knowing you are feminine and sexy for yourself. ( and if the situation arose wear the undies are going to be visible, its going to be a pretty sight)


Anyone have any advice on how to wear heels? I am talking proper heels here.  The medium ones I can handle.  I want to walk with feminine confidence, not tomboy swagger.


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  1. Maybe start off wearing a wedge heel that way you will have support and not feel like you’re toddling around on your toes the whole day :] Then once you’re comfortable you can move onto proper heels

  2. I love heels, they have magic benefits, it seems to make your ass look good! But im like you, fall all over the place etc, i even wore flat shoes for my wedding:) have a fab day. hope your feet feel better soon

  3. Hehe battlewoman I was barefoot on my wedding day. I’m tall enough to carry it off and no one could see under the lond dress.

  4. Good idea. Bibibapka. I’ll give it a try and see how I do, however, I need to give my feet a break for now.

  5. I wore high heel since high school. I started with those large heeled ones, then the thinner the heel the higher the length.

  6. Arcat, I’ve been on my toes since I was 3, with ballet, and I did it for 10 years. After that, the transition into high heels was natural. I struggle to walk with flats! My advice to you would be to walk around the house barefoot, on your toes. That way, you will get used to the change in altitude, walking on that part of your foot will start to feel more natural, and you can practice your balance

  7. You are on to something Calamity. Its the balls of my feet that are sore. But it seems you enforce Pegasi, one must grow up wearing these heels. I’ll have to learn, my daughter will want to wear heels. The flats issue with you is because you calf muscles have shortened with wearing heels so long.

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