Long day away


 It’s been a long day.  It seems that this week is making up for all the time I had off.  I started work at six this morning and now I’ve had enough.


The nine days of hols was great.  Is was good to see my hubby’s family.  Got to know everyone a little better.  The Eastern Cape is so pretty.  Everything is scenic.  It was a long drive but the scenery made up for it all. 

The anniversary celebrations were great.  It’s been a whole year that we are married.  I still don’t quite believe it.  Love him to bits still and hope it continues. 


 Now its back to work.  I don’t want to do this project anymore.  The indecision is driving me crazy.  No one can make up their mind what they want and as a result I run around in circles.  I drive two hours there and back for a ten minute meeting.  I have better things to do with my life.  Really!  I’m melting down. Lol


Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday.  I called and spoke to my sister.  I feel out of it all.  My family is living out there in Durban and they all get together to do all the family stuff that usually happens.  We see our family once a year.  I sometimes wish that we were closer to them too. Just having some family that could visit every so often. People to invite over and make dinner for and swop recipes with and all those silly stupid irritating family stuff.  I come from a huge family and I have not yet gotten used to being alone.  I guess I’m feeling slightly sorry for myself after seeing so many people this past week.


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  1. I understand your longing, I too am from a big family who are all in the Wilderness and i’m up here in the mother city 😦 Glad you enjoyed the Eastern Cape.

  2. Footsteps I have been here about three years and I still miss it all. Lol, we are always wanting something else.

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