My charmed life



I have been reading a few blogs and archived blogs.  There are many bloggers out there who seem through have been through hell and back.  Its sad to read and also, inspiring that they have made it through and are stronger for it.


And then I think about myself.  Compared to most people I seem to have led a charmed life.  My parents are still together 30 years later.  They are happy together.  I had a happy childhood and get along great with my sisters.  Growing up we had everything we needed.  There was no scrambling for money.  If we needed my parents provided, and more.  I grew up and had the opportunity to study at varsity.  I got to do exactly what I wanted. My dream since I was ten was allowed to be realised.  I did well enough at school, the money was there and I got through varsity fine. Had a job waiting for me.  No need to tramp the streets searching.  I left that one for a better job and the love of my life.  I even met my husband easily.  I have never been broken up with.  No broken hearts for me.  I met my husband and we married with all our family to make it a special day.  I had a car accident last year and I came out of that trashed car without a single physical injury.  By rights that accident should have killed me.  But here I am. There has been no great tragedy in my life.  However, most other people I meet have some tragedy.


Hmmmm….does this make me a less passionate person?  Is everyone else giving everything they have and sometimes you lose?  Am I living in some kind of bubble?  Or am I just lucky?


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  1. I am grateful. I know exactly how thankful I should be. However, is it really necessary for some to experience such unhappiness? I guess if you believed in karma then yes, but still…

  2. I agree with Malowe. You’re blessed. It may also be about what we choose to focus on. We all have challenges – maybe you just look at the brighter side of life. I think it’s a question of perspective.

  3. Find the silver lining….this had made me think about looking for the best in a situation. I’m trying my very best to be a nicer person.

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