Pity Party



Hello out there,


Ok, I am now sorta over this morning’s temper tantrum about the landlord.  I went to the bank and paid R200 for two years worth of bank statements.  Every payment is made.  So I called him and explained that it seems to be in order from my side.  I explained politely how erroneous his ledger is and that he needs to check his accounts.  We have previously explained to him that his invoicing system comes one month late, we pay one month in advance and this is where the mistake is coming in. So we’ll see.  At least my weekend won’t have this hanging over it. ( I can so obsess over money owed.  I hate owing money, especially when I have paid already).


Moving on……work is crumbling.  I keep re-doing this design and when I finally thought it was over, about a half ago we get a call…..change it again.  I am tired.  Hence, I am writing this blog instead of designing.  There comes a point when it is no longer fun. 


Other news: I want to be at the coca cola zero fest.  It’s too late now.  The tickets are expensive.  I know its value for money with the bands that will be there, but to buy two tickets it gets expensive.  There is always something more important to do with your money. But I want to be there.


Done feeling sorry for myself so I’ll get back to work……………….


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