I am mad


 This morning I am livid!  I want to make our old landlord pay for upsetting me so.  We lived there for 2,5 years.  We made every rent payment in advance, early and extra.  Now when we have moved out he says that we are missing one payment.  First he says its February 2009.  Then I show that is paid.  Now I get an email this morning saying there is a payment missing somewhere, but he does not know where.  HOW!!!??? How do you know there is one missing but you don’t know when.  His stupid ledger has already proven to be erroneous but still, we missed something.  We did.  I pay the rent first! Why did he not say when we missed it.  Why when we are no longer there.  It could have been missed anytime in the last 2,5 years.  Now I must do it.  I must do his work for him and prove every payment was made.  This has upset me so much  I cannot concentrate and do anything until he says fine.  I made the mistake.  We have all the money. I want to strangle him slowly.  He has been a total racist sexist  pig the entire time we have known him.  Now this! Now when I thought contact with this man was over.  I so want to hurt him to make me feel better…………..AAAARGH!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Argh, I can only imagine your frustration. I have an evil landlord too!! Have some chocolate and good coffee to make you feel better. Hope you get this sorted soon and he’ll be history forever.

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