Birthdays and wet crumbling cookies



The birthday celebrations were great.  I managed to get in and set stuff up before he got home.  He was surprised and happy. I got home, took him out, we had a  nice dinner and then a movie.  When we got back home I sang happy birthday and we took the cake to bed.  LOL, could not find red ribbon so I stuck a birthday candle behind my ear and presented myself. 

Yesterday we were out celebrating with friend and I got him a little pressie.  Got him one for everyday til Sunday. He was Birthday Boy til then. His other gift is not on the market yet so its still coming. 


This weekend we decided to try to get all chores done on Saturday and then relax Sunday.  Saturday was so busy. We were up early and out and about early to get everything done.  I was sooooo tired. Tired enough to bicker a bit but we both knew it was just tiredness.  Sunday morning was a disaster.  I wake up to the cat scratching.  She had just come in from a fight.  I chase her off the bed so we can sleep.  And then I feel it…….the wet blanket, I’m wet, the sheets are wet, the mattress is wet.  SHE HAS PEED ON ME.  I’M WET WITH CAT PEE!!!!!!!!!

I tell Hubby and he says no, I must be dreaming.  I switch on the light and the smelly truth is revealed.  I go straight to the shower.  Hubby strips the bed and its the rest of the day to wash and dry it all.  Hubby was busy with his work so I just spent the day cleaning and tidying. 


I made dinner and we finally got into bed at ten,  tired and dreading work Monday.   So little time, none of it time to relax.


Today I had another episode of crumbling.  I was driving that same road and then it was the accident all over again.  I think maybe because I did not get hurt it did not sink in.  The seriousness of having that accident did not strike me then.  Now months later I have realised that I could have died.  I could have been badly injured.  I could have been bleeding to death on that lonely rural road and no one near.  I saw a car wreck on the side of the road on my drive today.  A car that was wrecked in the same kind of accident I had.  I cried and cried but I have gotten through.  I will probably be a nervous wreck next week again when I have to drive that way, but I will make it through.  I will cry myself through it and drive at 80 in a 120 zone.  But it hurts less when you don’t hit something at 120km/h.  I will be a big girl and my tears will help. 


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