Hubby’s Birthday



Hello there all,


Yesterday I got home.  Hubby’s car was there (He gets home earlier).  The curtains were drawn closed.  The front door is closed.  The cat does not come out to greet me.  Hubby does not come out to greet me.  I banged around trying to be noisy.  I walk in the door.  Worried.  Hubby is asleep and kitty curled up with him.  I was so worried.  I walked to him and touched his face.  He did not move.  But at least he was alive.  I touched him again and he opened his eyes.  He said he was just tired and wanted a nap.  He suggested I join him.  So I undressed and jumped into bed with him. LOL, then he turned around with naughtiest smile.  We chatted and played and spent two hours in bed.  Then it was time to have dinner.  It turned out to be one of the nicest evenings we have had.  Sometimes the dishes can wait and its more important to spend time with the ones we love.  Actions are more important than just saying empty words.


Today is Hubby’s birthday.  He is so unexcited.  I feel its partly my fault.  I’ve been feeling so tired that I have not made much of a build up.  We agreed ages ago on pressies.  So I got him chocolates yesterday and today we are going to see a movie.  I’ve got him his favourite magazine subscription, but that only starts May. I’ve never met anyone who loves movies as much as he does.  So dinner at home and out after. And then a birthday dinner on Saturday when we both have time to sit and enjoy it. I need to do more…we are the only family we have here in Pretoria.


I want to get home and put up balloons and set out a cake before he gets in. But he finishes at three.  I finish at five.  How to do it.  I’m thinking of ways to get out of here to get home and surprise him.  Ideas?



I’m here at work.  My supervisor needs me here to avert crises about to occur.  So I settled for an extended lunch to get home and zooz up the lounge.  So when he walks in there will be balloons and cake and goodies and pressies on the table.  I won’t get in til later but he will have a surprise anyway (unless the cat tore up the balloon and ate the cake…oh no!…think the kitty is better trained than that, I hope).  To make the whole thing memorable I will dig up that red ribbon and take Bubbles suggestion (thank you).  Also I have plans to extend the celebrations through to Sunday evening.  I thought a little note and pressie everyday til then will make it continue.  Sunday evening will be the cherry on top.  Not quite decided what it will be.  Something just for himself….for him to enjoy alone.


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  1. Depends if your boss is a guy or girl… If it’s a guy alwaus mentioning the following words helps:- Period- tampon/pads- gynaeIf it’s a chick… it’s safer to just straight up ask for half days leave and you’re not ready to talk about it. Try the one eyed tear…

  2. Lol, we have four male directors….might work? Think I’ll just fill out a form and get it signed. Maybe I’ll finally go to the doc and make it truthful. I’m such a horrible goody-two-shoes, I even make me sick sometimes.

  3. just an idea…when you get home, and getting ready for bed…go in the bathroom, get a red ribbon, wrap yourself like a presant…i mean only the ribbon…and go out and say, suprise Happy B-Day,hubby… i said just an idea!

  4. Hi arcat, the surprise sounds very sweet!!Rob did help, he got the name onto the tshirt for me, but now i need some editing assistance, like to make he’s name arch, the way the players names do?

  5. Fairy seems like you got it done if I read your blog. If you still need help, send me a message on spaces and I’ll give you my email.

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