What is green?


Hmm we hear all these things about how we need to look after the environment and how we need to be green.  Do people actually know what being green really is?  I think the better word is responsible.  Are we being responsible and taking care of what we have?  We have to be considerate. 

When you buy this shirt: where did he product come from, its transport, the fabric, did it create employment, has it contributed to the sustaining of the environment.  recycling is not all.  We have to take it further.  We have to think of things all round.  Being green does not mean slapping some plants on a building elevation, it does not mean just planting a vegetable garden…..it means thinking how does this effect everything. I’m not sure I’m explaining this correctly.  Every little bit does count.

People have to stop being wasteful.  Being green has to become part of the laws of society.  It must become government legislation.  We have to be forced to do it even if we don’t care…because there are always those people that don’t care.  If it becomes part of a lifestyle then it is more likely to make a dent.

Then there is the question:  Do we need to really do this?  Should we not just leave it to the environment to take care of itself.  The concept of environmental resistance allows for the day that it becomes too much and the environment itself resists and rights itself.  Of course this comes at a great price.  Possibly large scale death and destruction, apocalypse.  Maybe the apocalypse is just environmental resistance and we must just accept that these things happen in cycles and its bound to occur no matter what.  Environments must be renewed and every so often it starts over new.

Do we try to do what is “right” and live the green life or do we just leave the environment to take care of itself ( accept the coming of an ending)?

I want to read your thoughts....

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