Bits and Pieces



Hello Hello all….

Today I am at work without a bra.  I am one of those serious conservative types that will not go out without  one.  Today, I have too much pain to be bothered, though I have covered up with as much material as I could without looking like a clothes horse.  I have been having really bad back, neck and chest pain for a few weeks.  The house move has not helped matters and this morning I decided I would try a day without a bra and see if I feel better.  I have read that wearing the incorrect bra can cause back and chest pain. 

However, halfway through the morning and nothing has improved.  What I would love is a long soak in a warm bath. 

I have deadlines for this week, but I am slightly confused about what it is I am supposed to be doing.  Things have changed since a meeting yesterday, but no firm decisions have been made.  So poor me must still finish on time, even if decisions are only made at four on Friday.  Life happens.

Our cat is not settling in.  Its been four day since we moved and it still won’t settle.  It keeps us up al night.  Crying and jumping in and out of bed.  We have to use a litter box because it is not used to being outside.  Litter boxes are gross and someone has to clean it out everyday.  This weekend she is just going to have to suck it up and learn that this is were we live now. 

I have been so tired for days now.  It’s not an excuse.  You know: “Honey not tonight, I am tired” or “Not tonight, I have a headache” LOL, it makes me laugh to realise that no nooky is my fault currently.  Not that hubby is pressurizing me, but it’s not usually like this.  We usually want to be together and the whole afternoon is a build up to the event. The teasing and flirting.  Now I am so tired I don’t even do that.  Yesterday hubby says to me; “any chance of a rough and tumble tonight” And I realised its been a few days.  I laughed because he had to ask. My reply: “ok”  It must have been my lack of enthusiasm and falling asleep that led to nothing.  could do with a nap now.

There is a supplier we had to deal with last year.  He was difficult and unreliable.  I needed information from him and it was weeks before he sent it and then it was incomplete.  Anyway I decided I would never use him again.  I find out this week that he was deliberately lying to put me off.  He did not want to send me the information because he was told not to do so by another person on the team.  She believed that I was trying to move out of my place and step on her toes. We do not even work for the same company, what does it matter if I want to do extra work? They have both proved to be deliberate liars and unprofessional.  He is stupid.  She and I still have a job and a salary.  Our money does not rely on commission.  His does.  I will not use him and no one else in our office will either.  He has lost a major client and only because he wanted to get one over me.  Silly man, she was using him and he is now the one put out.  I will work with her again because I have to.

Hearing the whole story months later, it only confirmed my initial thoughts that this woman does not have a clue about working on a team.  This is a huge problem in our profession, nothing gets done without concerted team work. I know she is young, but so am I.  Sometimes, just being polite will get you by.  People are more likely to help if you smile and greet first, even if you are about to go into a tirade.  That’s the other thing, one should not rant at people you have only have a professional relationship with.  There is nothing personal, its just work. 

Sorry, this is a confused blog about bits and pieces……….


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