Violence, speed and trauma


 Hey there guys,


How you all doing this afternoon…..Its been a terrible day today, that taxi violence has really been nasty.  Listening to it on the radio it was hard to believe that people will do this to other people..and there was no good reason.  Protest if you have to, but why hurt anyone?


My personal nastiness is the bad, impolite drivers out there.  If I am driving at 120km/h and you are passing me in a flash, that must mean that you are speeding.  People die!  When will everyone come to the realisation that reckless driving will kill people! When will they be responsible and THINK!!!  If it is not bad enough that they are speeding, they have to push you of the road.  Sitting on your tail, then trying to pass in the oncoming lane….Its like ” Hello, do you not see the abnormal load truck driving there? Do you not see there is no place for anyone to pass?”  Its just inconsiderate and criminal.

Toward the end of last year I was in car accident (is that the correct way to put it?) Anyway, I was lucky and did not have any injuries, there were nice people to help me and it was all sorted out painlessly and quickly.  It was over it quickly. No nightmares, no latent injuries, it was fine…..until today.  I was in the same situation as the previous car accident, and that broke me down.  Months later and the accident that did not happen today had me in tears.  I felt so traumatised and scared. I was on my way to a meeting, so I had to compose myself and continue.  I’m not sure why it got to me today.  I drive a lot and now I am considering asking to not drive myself to these meetings every week.  I do not want to be on that road.  But it is my job and I am not sure what can be done.  I thought I was being big girl and facing my fears, you know, getting right back on the horse kind of thing, but today it did not work. 


When faced with the same situation, will I crumble again?



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  1. post traumatic stress, when we suppress these feelings and dont deal with it, we are able to find ourselves in situations where when we are reminded of those feelings they start to arise and you experience what you experienced today. My suggestion, take time for yourself and deal with these issues, even if it means that you must sob your heart out, once you do that coping with situation like today becomes bareable

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