I have been thinking about my wedding.  It was not anything I planned.  My wedding was planned by my parents, and all I had to do was turn up with hubby and get married.  It has never really bothered me, I had never sat around dreaming about my wedding, but now, I sometimes wish that I could have had a part in planning it.

My parents paid for everything so I guess it was their right to make the decisions…but I see other brides and wonder, have I missed out? The picking of the colours, invites, favours, that kind of thing. 

Now its too late, its almost a year later. Just thoughts………….

I love my husband and I guess the marriage is more important than the wedding.  We celebrate our love for each other everyday.  I look at my little sister’s marriage and I am glad I am not her.  But that is another blog.


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  1. hi there!soon i will have to seriously start planning my wedding and biggest problem is: budget!So you’re lucky in a way, although i would like the choice of colour, types of flowers etc.true, after the wedding nothing really matters more than a good MARRIAGE.take carexxx

  2. I think you were lucky to have someone planning the whole wedding for you and what really matters is what happends after the wedding.

  3. eish, i am getting married in a week, my parents are paying for most of it but I had alot of say in it. Dont feel like you are missing out. you missed out on alot of stress though, so look at it like that

  4. There are pros and cons to either way, honey – whether you do the decision-making, or someone else does it.Ultimately, you have not missed out, as long as you are married to your one true love! x

  5. I have to say that I was one of the most stress free brides I have ever come across (if you can come across yourself?). We had fun and there was no nervousness. Yep, I am married to my true love.Have fun Bumble….I think that is the most important point of a wedding. (look at me dishing out advice, lol)It was a nice enough wedding anyway. Great food! I still comments about the food

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