Whirling brain


There are so many things going on in my head right now (not unusual)….

Tomorrow is the day, tomorrow we are moving house.  Hubby has to work this Saturday morning so its me by myself until about 4pm.  Its going to be a fun day (will it?).   Life happens and I’m an intelligent woman and I will be fine.

The nightmares have got to stop.  It’s not just me that they disturb, poor hubby gets disturbed too. I need sleep! I need sweet dreams! I want to rest! I might get crazy if the basic requirements are not met, lol.  Hmmm, maybe I am just a disturbed human being who needs some help.  Pop a few pills, lie on someone’s couch and tell them the deepest troubles of my soul ( I actually don’t feel deeply troubled, just inconvenienced)….*sigh* Its just my pity party….anyone brought some cake?

I am worried my kitty cat might run away from home when we move.  I have heard that she might not want to stay at the new place and will try to find her way back to the old place…..surely this is just some old wives tale?  I’ll be there, Hubby will be there, she will know its home?!???..Please someone tell me she will not run away.

I am still incredibly broody….but I have realised there is merit in waiting. This, however, does not mean that I will wait gracefully and patiently.

Its Hubby’s birthday in ten days.  I am not too sure what our plans are.  Dinner and a movie is what he wants….but I think there has got to be more celebration…..birthdays must be memorable, must be enjoyed.  I’ll have to make a plan…I’m usually a woman with a plan.

My work is at a standstill….(hence the blog)I’m out of ideas.  I need to solve some stuff with my current design, however, its like designers block (is there such a term?)  The interior people are not helping this situation, but there is nothing new there.  They drive me crazy.  The one day one of the women shouted at me. What great professional behaviour.  I just listened to her, said thank I’d see what I could do and put down the phone. Then she sent some unhappy emails (even more great professional behaviour).  My supervisor saw the emails, gave her a call and put her on the right track.

Telkom…have to get phone lines terminated, apply for new one….and we all know just how efficient Telkom is….I do not like dealing with them.

My car needs a wash….any volunteers?

I lost my glasses this morning…my contacts are poking my eye, I want to go home.

Before it gets scary, I need to stop.

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  1. Dude… i know how you feel! I’m trying naively to right a novella. I’m stuck at the start of Chapter 2. Plus i think i have continuity issues. AND i cant seem to spell… This book is suppose to be break out of this shit hole company… i mean… this novella…

  2. Hi Arcat – can I make a suggestion? cats do tend to run on moving day, what you should do is put her in a pet travel box, or in a box that you can seal so she cant get out but has air holes obviously!!!when you are driving to the new house, once you arrive you can keep her in yours or a spare bedroom with the windows and doors closed ,you will see she will hide away under the blankets or behind something smelling like the old home, keep news paper on the floor and her food and water close by for about a day or two, you will see everytime you go to check on her, she will get more and more calmer, and walk around comfortably in the bedroom then you can let her out without a fear of her running.It may sound cruel to do it like this but I can assure you its tried and tested and you all will be fine!!!! Good luck, let us know how it goes.

  3. when u get to your new home, put some butter under kitty’s front paws……..that should keep her busy for a while and not run away!

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