Make me feel better blog….


This is one of silly blogs that is written just to make the writer feel better….I’m having one of those dyas where I feel just enough discomfit to make me miserable.

I have a slight runny nose.
A slight earache
A slight sore throat
My body hurts, but not too bad.
It all blends together to make me feel gross.

And we are moving house.  I do not like it.  Currently our place is in a halfway state.  Its driving me insane.  I’m one of those people who cannot relax if things are not where they belong.  THERE ARE BOXES EVERYWHERE!!!!

I like the place we live at now, however, the neighbours are more than I can handle its time to find some new ones.  I’ve never had to move before….with furniture and all that stuff.  We still have not worked out whether I am able to drive my car with a trailer attached or to hire a moving company.  Not too wild about strangers touching my stuff and knowing where I live (I know I am paranoid).  The trailer is looking promising, but that means I must sprout muscles to help hubby carry stuff.  Its giving me sleepless nights.

Does anyone else have nightmares? Ones where your viscious side comes out?  I’m usually the gentle soul, I won’t hit anyone.  In my nightmares I can get quite viscious trying to protect myself.  Weird subconscious.

I’m supposed to be working now.  The interior designer is losing brain cells and I am tired of working stuff out that he/she should.  But maybe its my job to do it.  I don’t know, usually I love work, not today.  I cannot concentrate.

I’m sure there spelling and grammar erros in this blog, but I cannot go back and read, I feel crazy. 

LOL, hubby would say I am a cactus today.  Prickly, touch me at your peril.  I love him…..


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  1. Hi there, sounds like a case of the flu is stalking you? hope you feel better soon! I know what youre talking about when it comes to the agressive dreams, I get them when im stressed out, the problem tho when i dream im hitting someone is that my punch dissapears into thin air and you never know what it feels like to actually pack a punch…-)

  2. Morning Arcatthank you for your visit, I really do like the name you suggested for baby girl.also thank you for all your best wishes.big hugs

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