Loving disagreements?


 How should husbands and wives treat each other?  Is there a particular manner?  I have three sisters.  Three of us are married and the one is “engaged to be engaged”  I don’t see my family very often.  Hubby and I live our lives doing our own thing.  The isolation means that we don’t really have other relationships to measure ours against.  I’ve seen my sisters with their partners. 

  • Number  1 and her hubby have child, however, they seem to fight all the time about the correct way to take care of the little one.  I can see they love each other but they say hurtful things to each other, also they do it in front of other people.  What happened to presenting a united front and solving difference in private?
  • Number 2 and her hubby have a major fight at least once a week.  There is tears and swearing and possibly physical violence (to be confirmed).  But then my parents get dragged in and anyone else that is within phoning distance. 
  • Number 3 and her partner have screaming fights frequently.  Swearing and shouting. 
  • My hubby and I have yet to shout at each other. We ahve our disagreements, however, I believe in not speaking in anger. 

What is the correct way to disagree?


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  1. Tough call, I would like to think the best way to deal with a conflict situation with husband/wife is to talk it out and come to a agreement were both are in a win win situation.It doesnt help swearing, shouting geting violent or throwing things around, all that does is make things worse, pulling other people into personal problems between you and your husband (that being someone that is not a preist/ marriage councilor) will eventually also only cause more problems!Its better to take 5 minutes to calm down, and then both of you to sit and talk the situation/problem out. trying to come out of the conflict with a win win situation!strongs

  2. It is a tough question but there is no set right or wrong way to go about it. Each couples have their differences and their ways of dealing with it. People do shout at each other, its normal when tempers are running high. But involving other people is a no no cos when u guys kiss and make up, everyone else still knows your personal business. It goes without saying, theres no excuse for physical abuse…..Hope you find the answers u looking for.

  3. Morning Arcathope all is well.About my post, it does sound like a soap opera, most of the stuff that goes on with those people inverably does, unfortunately it is true. I have moved on with my life, and dont want to get involved or have contact with any of them. it is just better that way.do hope you have a super dayhugs

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