Broody or Ready

I’m turning 29 this year.  First wedding anniversary is approaching in April.  All the baby comments are coming up now…’when is the baby coming”
Hubby and I would love have to a kid.  But they grow up and they always need stuff and you.  Babies are not toys.  However, when you see the cuties of others its hard not to want to make your own too.
Visiting family in Durban I was sitting on the beach.  A woman, no one that I had ever met.  She was sitting on the sand too.  We started talking and she said something interesting….”don’t equate your children with money” ( this was in response to me saying we were waiting to own property before kids).  She said that we should have children for the sake of children, because we want them, not because we think we can now afford them. 
This conversation has created doubt in my perfect plans.  We wait to own property and then we have a kids. Am I being too secular and equating children with money? Am I being sensible to wait? Am I going to be too old soon? The current state of the economy has made it just about impossible for hubby and I to get into the property market, so if we wait, will it be too long? Am I just broody and will this pass?  I’m beginning to doubt myself now.  We would love to have at least one child.
We are better off than most people.  We are by no means struggling financially. Yes we could afford a child, couples with less than us have them….but is it the right thing to do?

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  1. It’s all about choices. In making a choice to do one thing, you have to sacrifice something else in return. In choosing the material (house) you sacrifice the pleasure of having a child and the relationship that goes with it and vice versa. In making either choice you may not be losing the dream of the other, you may just be taking a raincheck. The question is, what do you really want? You do know in your heart what it is, because that is what is supposed to be. Stop pondering and follow your instinct.

  2. What this women told you makes so much sense, I never realized it that way. Reminds me of a couple that I know, they bought their house first and decided to be bond free before having kids. Well today she is nearly 40, still paying off their bond and regrets their decision. Now they struggling to have kids.We should try to do and see things Gods way and not out own. He will provide for all our needs…

  3. i agree with *star* – it is a personal decision. when I got married, hubby & I decided to wait 2 years at least to start our family …. but God knew better & we conceived immediately. We’ll be married 7 years this year & have 2 kids & we’ve never been happier … as for everything materialistic … it came in due course !!

  4. Thank you for all the advice and comments. Materialism…that’s it. One needs to stop with the material wants. However, it is a leap of faith…to just and do and believe that things will fall into place. Very difficult for a control freak to do.

  5. Hi there. Well, the baby thing is a tough one. I for one never wanted children and ths pregnancy was a big shock. I am sueing Nordette(pill company), And SAB Amstel and Jagermeister for it. lol. Jokes aside, I think you need to decide what you want more. The thing is, from 32 onwards, it becomes harder for women to have healthy pregnancies and you also got to thnk about growing with your child rather than watching your child grow. You don’t want to be 50 with a ten year old. By the time you 70, your child will be 30, and u may never see your grandchildren. Cars, huses, money…it will never be nough, you could always do with more money, or a better house or car. Now that I am pregnant, I wouldn’t have it any other way, hormones ands everything.

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