Why Hate V-Day


Hmmm….why all the hate surrouding Valentine’s Day?  Yes there is the whole commercialism of the day but which special day is not….easter eggs, xmas presents, birthdays…..all of it is commercialised.  This is one of the popular reasons cited for not liking Valentines Day.  Its up to you I say.  How comercialised the day is depends on you.  No one HAS to go  out and buy the fluffy teddies and roses.  You can do no gifts and still enjoy.  People in love don’t turn up their noses at another reason to celebrate and enjoy their love. They look at it and make it their own.  Another reason to write a soppy love letter, to cuddle up together, romantic picnics, holding hands and sweet kisses.  Yes we can and do it everyday but here comes another day specially dedicated to all that soppy stuff. What do you do on your wedding anniversary (or equivalent)?  It’s another excuse to do something special for that one that you love.  Clebrtae Valentines Day in your own way…and if you don’t have a special somebody, that is no reason to diss it.  Be happy for the others who are so blessed and lucky.

That’s my two cents worth.


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  1. I think it is an emotional backlash of being manipulated by commercial interests and also may I say a nagging feeling that on such a day one risks being disappointed and feeling unloved if expectations are not met.. One also feels treatend with the unresolved baggage that we some times have towards people we give presents they would have the same issues with Christmas.

  2. Personally I don’t ‘hate’ valentine’s day. I am just a non-conformist. I am so deeply in love with my boyfriend, some days more than others, but ALWAYS in love, every second of my life. A day like valentine’s day goes over my head as I simply don’t get the hoo-hah surrounding it.Romance to me is when he lights a candle for no reason.Romance to me is when he insists on bubbles in my bath just because I am a girl and bubbles are lovely.Romance to me is when he softly kisses me in my neck in the queue at the shop.Romance to me is when he gets back into bed in the morning just to hold me.Romance to me is how he makes me feel special by cooking with me or trying out new recipes together.Romance to me is riding on his bike with him resting holding my leg when he wants to feel close to me.I appreciate romance more than anything, especially when it is not forced or expected.

  3. I agree with you, I like Valentine’s Day! And not coz of the pressies and adverts but because it’s a good excuse to spoil somebody or even just yourself! Chocolates and a good wine and a bubble bath!

  4. Melodrama I’m not sure that I totally get you, but I don’t have to. Maybe I’m still young enough that its all fuzzy and pink happiness. LOL. Charlene you are a woman who knows exactly what being in love is all about. I hope more people see it like you. Danny, I hope you are going to have fun.

  5. Ag nee arcat, you have triggered something in my brain now. And you too, Melodrama. Ha ha Melodrama. Interesting (and valid) take you have there. Interestingly enough, I am also not big on Xmas either. And I wish I could say it’s because of some sort of disappointment factor, but alas, I am simply a non-conformist who likes to feel special because someone thought of her and not because it’s expected. This includes my birthday and mothersday. Even as a child I never bought into the soft toys and chocolates. I grew up in an environment where I always received loads of gifts.It’s just, for me personally, I appreciate gestures so much more than tangible objects. I guess I am a ‘mind’ person and not a material person.

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